Monday, March 24, 2014

PIXZLE at the Milliennial Media's Pixel Party

After seeing our unveiling of PIXZLE Petite at the SXSW Create in Austin, TX.  Jenna of Millennial Media fell in love literally with demo Jumbo of LOVE and ever so wanted it.

After we exchanged information.  That night Ron and I got to working on introducing a new member to the PIXZLE family, the Prodigious.   We submitted a custom designed PIXZLE using their logo as they requested.  The next day we received an order for two Prodigious for their Millennial Media's Pixel Party.  We gladly fulfilled their request and mailed it in time for their event.

Today, Jenna sent me some photos of their party and from the looks of it, it was a huge success.

I just love pixels, don't you?  Thanks Jenna for sharing your success.

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