Monday, September 21, 2015

Life's unexpected events

Life is full of unexpected events.  Some of these events are chaotic while others are a welcomed breeze.  What a roller coaster these past few months has been but the nice thing is that I'm finally getting closer to doing what I was doing when chaos broke.

I'm grateful to have a larger shop and more space to work in.  It was very difficult these past few month working every day knowing that my real creative work was on hold.  No more.  I'm getting excited to be returning to my creative works in my shop.

Here's a glimpse of my shop:

I'm also excited because I'll be participating in for this year's 3rd Annual ATX Artisans Handmade Market in November.  They have booths available for fellow Artisans.

I love this location since it's in one of the most popular areas of Austin Texas near the intersection of Burnet Rd & Anderson Lane at the Norris Conference Center.  Lots of parking and stores and restaurants.  Furthermore,  Roman's Rescue will be hosting pet adoptions onsite during this event.  

Thus the next few weeks I will be preparing for it.  I'll be working on the PIXZLE products and a new classic game.  Soon I'll have photos of it. 

Remember to stop or pause for a moment and smell the lovely scents of roses.

Looking forward to seeing y'ah once more.  

I'll have a demo table and maybe we'll be able to play a game during this events. 

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