Thursday, April 10, 2014

Magical Father Daughter Moment

This is why I love what I do… to see moments like this is ever so rewarding.
These kits are designed to bring not one person the joy of making but two or more. You may start with Pixzle’s design and eventually work your way to making your own artistic creations…just like this young girl did.
They’re ever so cool. Currently working on a new PIXZLE to be added to the family of fun pixel puzzle art platform which includes the PIXZLE Petite (shown above) and PIXZLE Prodigious (shown below).
Evelyn made this LOVE design and has hung it in front of her office window.
She’s always wanted stain glass artwork but really wasn’t up to dealing with a soldering iron and glass cutting. This is so much easier for her to create her own artwork. Here’s one she made using the Petitie platform. It’s a happy cat. Too bad her miniature cat Sally didn’t stay around for the photo shoot.
Once you get started pixelating, you’ve entered the coolest part of living; recreating or making a whole new world. Have fun. Be you. Be COOL.

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