Monday, March 7, 2011

Flower Silhouette

From roses, daisies, and clovers, there are so many different type of flowers worldwide to choose. How does one find the right pattern to create an artistic silhouette?  Some flowers have many pedals, leaves and stems while others have less.  Selecting the right set of flowers to create an artistic vision of beauty can be quite daunting.

The challenge is placing them in such a way as to not lose the shape of each flower. It's a dance to find a pattern of beauty.  And after several round of sketching flowers and looking for the ones that can be easily cut out into shapes, I finally came to these lovely four flowers.

Find yourself in the mist of Winter darkness. Finding your home getting darker earlier.  Yet another glumly day, power on this artistic piece and feel the joy of light. Allow the rhythm of red, blue, yellow, green, pink and purple dance in front of you.  Free yourself through art, sound and good relaxation.

Leaf Silhouette

The idea of fall leaves silhouette came about from my passion of lighting effects. At night clubs, people not only go to meet other people and listen to good music but they also enjoy the lighting effects which sets the ambiance for the night. It's a play on your senses.

Thus I made my first version of the fall leaves from recycled cedar wood, frosted plexiglass, cardboard, waxpaper, LEDs and electronics control board.  At the time, the fall season had just begun and seeing the leaves falling to the ground reminded me of my childhood.   I would go outside and collect as many different leaves to make collages.  It was fun to see the array of colors, shape and patterns that came from it.  Thus I decided to make the artwork aspect of my project fall leaves.

Here's a video of my prototype...

After several months of enjoying my artwork, I decided to make a better version. One that could be controlled and allow the user to select which mood the user wants to experience.  For example, if you are in the mood for warmth by pressing the back button to cycle through to select the warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange. The user can either have solid or alternating lighting effects.

Each leaf is drawn freestyle, cut by hand and through a process of layering and spaying onto acrylic panel. The result is a beautiful pattern of white leaves on a black background.

Assembled into a box frame the silhouette comes to life when the lighting effects system is engaged.   I designed, built and installed the lighting effects system inside the box frame with only the power connection (5 volts regulated power supply) and press button exposed on the back side.  Thus making it easy for the user to set up in their home.  By placing the artwork either on a shelf, mantle, or table it adds beauty to any room when it's in off mode.

When the artwork is in on mode you can share and express your mood to anyone visiting or when listening to your favorite music.