Thursday, January 30, 2014

An alternative to Traditional Valentine's Day Card

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The day of Love - Valentine's Day

Strange thing thinking about Valentine's Day when it's not even close. Yet as an artist & maker I want to create beautiful memorable gifts. 

I love cards and it's a great way to inform a loved one of your feelings.  Yet after awhile it gets stored away.  I'm working on an idea that is more like a display.  It's not a jewelry although I have come up with some nice ones.  For example, this lovely item...

Instead it's like a card but with more dimension. Imagine two hearts and the message says " Be My Sweetheart".  It's simple, beautiful and can be displayed on most surfaces such as on a bookshelve, or in your office, or in your bedroom.   And whenever you happen to glance at it you're reminded that you're someone's sweetheart.  What an awesome feeling seeing that would totally make my day and I'm sure it would make your day as well.

The challenge is getting the two heart to fit the base.  Lots of trail and errors but I'm getting close. Once it's looking just right, I'll post a photo of it.

All this work in preparation for Widdershins Market happening this weekend right before St. Valentine's Day. 

Several local artisan will be there.  I enjoy be apart of this since it's a great location with a few food trailers, music and picnic tables making the event a lot of fun.

Once I've made "Be My Sweetheart", I'll take a photo and show you.