Saturday, October 4, 2014

Inlay Jewelry

It all started with my desire to have my own bat pendant.  Several years ago I made an awesome LED Window Bat Display.   Here's my inspiration:

The bat and cave is of my own design.  It's pretty cool how this display lights up and especially the lightning part.

As I mastered my skills in various areas of my shop, I thought: why not try some of these skills in my studio?  After my experience making the elegant butterfly jewelry I decided to make my own bat pendant.   So traveling back in time I searched for my original bat design and found it.  Yeah, I didn't have to redo all that work.  Updating it into a vector file, I was able to beta test the cuts until I finally got it.   After the cuts were made I worked on bring the inlays together and finished the look and feel.

I proudly wear my bat inlay pendant everywhere. I saw people turn heads and some actually asked where I got it.  With such interest I felt making not only the bat pendant for Sybarite Studio but also a cat playing with blocks, a dog playing with ball and the yin-yang symbol.  They're now available on Etsy.   Here's a picture of all four designs.

Each design are available with the organic cords:
Bat with Suede cordLeather cord, or Woven cord
Cat with Suede cordLeather cord, or Woven cord
Dog with Suede cordLeather cord, or Woven cord
Yin-Yang with Suede cordLeather cord, or Woven cord