Monday, November 12, 2012

An amazing weekend at the E.A.S.T. Austin, Anne Schultz and Evelyn Nelson have teamed up to display their artworks.  It's is on display at the Phoenix Trades Depot open the weekends of the 11/12 and 17/18 from 11am. to 6pm this month.

Meet the Artist and see their artwork.
    Anne Schultz @ E.A.S.T. Austin,Tx         Evelyn Nelson at E.A.S.T. Austin
Anne Schultz sculptures is an interactive piece where you turn the gears and in doing so you activate the switch that turns on and off the LED's  inside the little houses.

Evelyn Nelson artwork has handmade silhouettes using a layer technique which allows her vision of lighting up the silhouette in any darken room.  

She design and built the circuit that uses an Arduino micro-controller chip and programmed it to create the amazing lighting effects.  

Both artists works with Mix Media using LED's circuits to create a certain effects.

A single button on the back controls the different lighting effects.

Pressing the button cycles through the sequence:

Random Colors > Off > Warm Random Colors > Off > Cool Random Colors > Off > Red > Off > Green > Off > Blue > Off > Purple > Off > Yellow > Off > Cyan > Off > Pinkish White > Off

When you first plug in the unit it will be in the “off” mode. Press the button once to turn on the display, which will start with “Random Colors”.

Ideal for any room, but it's most impressive sitting on a fire mantle. Makes an excellent conversation piece when entertaining guest or even when you want to relax.  

There are scientific evidences that color does affects how your feel.   If you've had a stressful or straining day, turn on your favorite music, get your favorite drink, dim the lights, sit or lay in  your favorite area, and after awhile you'll notice the difference. 

See for yourself this weekend at the E.A.S.T. Austin.