Monday, January 30, 2012

Colorful Crochet Star Pillow

In an earlier post I shared my experience making a colorful Baby's Star Blanket; well, after making the blanket I had quite a bit of left over yarn so I decided to make a small pillow.  I dedicated this project to my mother. I have crocheted so many things and as of yet, I had not given her a crochet item made by me. And here was my opportunity to experiment and in turn a lovely gift for my mother.  

I worked on making two star panels that would come together to form the pillow.  After a few days working on the panel I had finished them.  I made five rows of alternating colors.  Next up to make the liner.  I bought a sheer shimmering white fabric.  At this point, I called my mother since she used to be a seamstress and was the person who made our clothing when I was young.  I asked her how to make a paper pattern for a pillow I was working on (I didn't tell her the shape of the pillow, I wanted to surprise her.)  She was so happy to be helping me over the phone.  

Funny how a flood gates of memories came rushing in for her.  She shared with me the days when she worked making hospital garments and how fast she was at making them.  Gosh, I felt her pride, her confidence, and she so vibrant over the phone--Wow, I had not seen this side of my mother.  She's awesome.   

Star Pillow

With the paper pattern cut out and the sheer shimmering white fabric in hand I started to attached the paper pattern onto the fabric.  Firstly, I took the sheer fabric and folded it so that I can get two panels once I had cut the fabric. I secured the paper pattern onto the folded fabric and proceeded to make the cuts.  Without removing the paper pattern, I would lift the edge of the paper and begin to hand stitch the two panels together.  I gradually work around the star shape until I was close to the starting point of my stitch.  I left an opening so that I can turn the liner inside out and stuff it and finish sewing the remainder of the opening until it was securely closed.

Star Pillow

The real challenge begins when you line up the two star panels.  After you line them up, then you have two options:  

1) to sew them together and insert a zipper to allow the removal of the liner or 
2) crochet to the two panels until you are four inches close to the starting point and then insert the liner and finish the remainder.  

This project took me over a week to make. The pillow measures 20 inches across from tip to tip.  Here is the finished star pillow:

Star Pillow

Once completed I mailed this colorful star pillow to my mother.  She called me when she got the package.  I listened to her voice as it crackled when she expressed her gratitude.  It was the first time she received a crocheted item from me.  Such projects are truly a labor of love and more so when the receiver appreciates your work.

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