Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Butterflies in the fields

Upon finishing my elegant butterfly collection, I needed a way to display them.  At first I thought to make a giant butterfly in which I can display my collection on, alas, when I make a small version to work out the idea, in theory it seems possible but in practice, NOT!

While I was in the midst of working out a solution to this display problem, I had a death in the family which took me away both emotionally and physically.  I dropped my work and took the first available flight out.  

Once I returned home, I one day to prepare for the next show.  During my travel, I talked about my display problem and Lisi quickly suggested why not have butterflies flying about in the field of wildflowers.   Awesome idea and with that suggestion, I started to work on my new display.

I got a wooden panel and primed it white.  Soon after I started to paint the sky, the grass, and then the wildflowers.  Let it dry over night.  The next day I woke up early to finish drilling the holes and setting up the Elegant Butterfly Jewelry Collection.   

I'm pleased with how this display turned out.  Sometimes, you need to be pulled away to find solutions.  Sadly, it wasn't that kind of pulling away I needed or wanted, yet I'm most grateful for all those who knew of my difficulty and gave me their love and support. 

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