Sunday, May 4, 2014

PIXZLE™ fun. Wow, talk about creativity...both pixel sizes...Sweet!

Awesome creation.  At first I thought why is he using the small pixels in the jumbo demo? 

Silly me, in the mad rush to get everything ready for the Austin Mini Maker Faire; I grabbed jumbo pixels that were within reach therefore, I didn't have yellow jumbo pixels for the demo.  

No problem, he just improvised with the small pixels instead.  I watched him work as he started from the center of with the black jumbo pixels and then started using the small pixels confusion set in as I asked him what he was making.  

He replied, you'll see in a moment.   

As he gradually went around and around moving outwardly people walking by stopped to watch what he was doing.  We all were ever so curious to see what it was... and little by little his design took form and finally he was done.  

There are no other words to describe this except "BEAUTIFUL" just beautiful.

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