Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tiny Servo Enclosure Box

Was approached with a little problem... and that problem was to make a little box or some type of enclosure for a very tiny servo.  So I did a quick search for example of such boxes on the good old internet and saw several examples.   Now that I had more or less an idea of what other people had made, I went to BoxMaker's website.

With the help of BoxMaker, I measured my tiny servo and enter that information and got a nice pdf file. Thank you BoxMaker.   I recommend this site.  It's easy to use.   I downloaded the pdf file and brought into inkscape and did my magic...and off to the laser cutter it went... I used birch wood and the result is photographed here..

Now this tiny servo has it's own enclosure thus making it easier to mount and move around when working with it.  Problem solved. 

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